Asurion Service Widget

The "Service Widget" was the name given to an interface element located on And it had quite the job to do.

Say you purchased a mobile phone protection plan with the phone you got with Verizon. Something happens to your phone and you need to file a claim. Oof.

Your protection plan is with Asurion, so you proceed to

Well, good try. Actually, you need to start the claim process with Verizon over at their site!

This routing to the right spot is what the Service Widget was designed to do. It wasn't working that well, though:

  • The instructions were too terse. This left users confused about next steps.
  • Interaction with the widget felt cold and transactional.
  • It was fussy to work with on mobile.

These factors led to confused and frustrated customers.

So I went back to the drawing board to see if we could improve upon the Service Widget.

First, I replaced the homepage Service Widget with a "File/Track Claim" button. This was done to present a more obvious call-to-action for the user.

The "File/Track Claim" button launched a mobile-friendly window that guided the user.

Instructions in the window were conversational and informative. The user is told about "next steps" in a paced fashion before being redirected.

This new design introduced a friendly, gentler approach to getting the user where they needed to go.

Which made for happier users.

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