ACS Devices Enhancement

Incognito Software Solutions

A redesign of a central page allowing an administrator to select one (or many) of 100,000+ devices to work on.

This redesign was initiated after directly observing customer usage. We noted that current usage patterns could vary dramatically based on a particular customer’s processes, a user’s role and task at hand, network conditions, and other shifting variables.

Working with these customers, we brainstormed new features which allow users to mold the interface to better match their distinct requirements. We discussed how we could make search more powerful and easier to use. We worked on features that better accommodate completion of common tasks.

By iterating through numerous design and feedback cycles I was able to fold these various ideas together into a cohesive, flexible solution.

By leveraging familiar consumer-level interface patterns I was able to deliver robust enterprise level features that feel lighter, more effortless, and intuitive to use.

By validating our design with customers we gained confidence that we were providing an improved, effective solution that aligned with how they were getting work done.

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