Credit Card Mobile Website

Canadian Tire Financial Services

Canadian Tire wished to bring the their credit card site direct to their customers' mobile devices. Ok!

Here's the thing: simply shoehorning the existing desktop site in to the smaller mobile screen was not going to cut it. Why's that? Well, a customer's needs while on the go with a mobile device are not going to be the same as when they are at a desktop.

Through a series of meetings with Canadian Tire we arrived at a longer term vision for CTFS's mobile endeavours. I presented a selection of design patterns for mobile sites. This moved the discussion away from "how to shrink the existing desktop site" and toward a truer mobile perspective. By digging into available stats and trends we were able to get a sense of which devices most users would be using and how they're using them. Through a series of wireframes and comps we explored interface ideas and touch interactions.

In a short time we were able to arrive at a lean and mean handheld version of the CTFS site that worked the way their mobile customers do.

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