Mobile Banking Web App

This project was about reimagining personal and small business banking. How should a version designed specifically for mobile browsers work? Which features are essential? Are there desktop features that need to get out of the way?

Before starting with a design, research would be required to address these and other key considerations.

There were user tests to explore the relationships people have with their mobile devices. This helped us to get a better idea of what banking on-the-go and on a small screen means.

Extensive tests with prototypes and various devices were conducted. This allowed us to explore the options that would best serve credit unions members while on the go.

The result was a browser-based banking web application that was supremely lean and mean. It even worked great on many low-end phones. Perfect.

Crucially, it didn't skimp on important features. For example, Find a Branch/ATM was baked in right away in order to help members find the services they need. Multi-signer business transaction management was included to ensure that business keeps moving while members are away from their desktops.

These efforts established the foundational thinking for further mobile related efforts.

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