MemberDirect Integrated


MemberDirect Integrated helps financial institutions large and small in providing secure online banking services to their customers.

Because it is used by dozens of diverse Canadian financial institutions, the application needs to be highly flexible and must be tailored to support varied brand and workflow requirements.

I designed and refined many of the user interfaces featured within these products, often with an aim in making them more powerful, and always with the goal of making them easier for users. Additionally, I frequently consulted with clients and undertook the graphic, information, and interaction design tasks for many financial institutions. This helped to ensure that their online presence reflected the brand and values befitting of their number one branch.

My efforts with crafting interfaces and user experiences played their part in helping numerous Canadian financial institutions with becoming online industry leaders. Such institutions included:

  • VanCity
  • Coast Capital Savings
  • North Shore Credit Union
  • Canadian Tire Financial Services
  • Westminster Savings.

With MemberDirect Integrated, financial institutions needn't be big to compete head-on with The Big Banks.

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