SEE-It Sustainability Dashboard

Real Living Solutions

All organizations set goals. But how do you get everyone in an organization involved in achieving them?

Real Living Solutions had an idea for a tool which would assist organizations in tracking the progress of their goals. They needed help creating an engaging interface for the tool that would help get people involved. The interface would anticipate the complexities of change and the peculiarities of human nature. It would serve as a dashboard for change with the focus on the actionable. It would make achieving goals simple, incremental, and maybe even fun.

I worked with a small team to craft the user experience for this tool. I was responsible for much of the interaction design and front end development.

It was gratifying to see the application in use for the likes of Nature’s Path, BC Hydro, Grouse Mountain, Public Works Canada, University of British Columbia, and Novex Couriers.

View Novex Courier’s SEE-It

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